For Mozartwoche24 of the International Mozarteum Foundation in Salzburg, I had the privilege of creating an exceptional key visual that represents the fascinating relationship between Mozart and Salieri. In collaboration with wir sind artisten

, this visionary concept was developed, with my responsibility being the realization of the key visual in paper and the creation of the animations.

The design, inspired by the theme “Mozart x Salieri,” utilizes the artistic element of torn paper and vivid colors to subtly indicate the complex relationships between the two composers. My main task was to craft this concept from paper by hand and bring it to life through animations.

The graphic design was handled by “wir sind artisten,” which significantly contributed to the visual identity of the project. Our collaborative work resulted in the creation of a visually impressive and thematically profound key visual.

The application of the key visual was versatile: it served as the centerpiece for program booklets, leaflets, cinema spots, and various social media clips. It was also used in printed form as posters and banners, as well as in out-of-home advertising in Salzburg, filling the city with an atmospheric presence.

This project was a unique opportunity to combine traditional paper art with modern animation and tell the story of two legendary musicians in an innovative way.

Video: Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum


  • Papercraft
  • 2D Animationen


Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum


Rolando Villazón

My Job

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  • Art Direction
  • Papercraft
  • Motion Design

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