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Servus. I am
David Oerter.

As an Art Director and Motion Design expert with a focus on Papercraft and Stop Motion, I bring a unique blend of artistic vision and strategic insight to each project. My style is vibrant, playful, and graphically sophisticated, always with a touch of humor and a special emphasis on texture, giving my creations a distinct charm.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with renowned brands like claro products, the Marionetten Theater, the Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum, Red Bull, the Deutsches Blindenhilfswerk, Pistor, and many others. My focus extends beyond visual design; I aim to tell stories and develop creative solutions that center around my clients’ and their target audience’s needs.

Personal interests like mountain biking, ski touring, stand-up paddling, and hiking are not just a balance for me but also a source of inspiration that adds depth to my work. I value teamwork and the continuous opportunity to expand my horizons.

As a creative mind and strategic thinker, I am more than a service provider; I am a partner committed to adding real value through Art Direction and Motion Design. If you’re looking for someone to enrich your project with passion, innovative storytelling, and creative solutions, I look forward to exploring new paths together.

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